About The Artist

Abby is a self-taught artist inspired by nature, animals, fantasy, and feminine subjects. She combines mystical themes with a playful illustration style and bold colors. She aims to create a sense of wonder and enchantment with her work, setting a mood that is soft yet bold and powerful. She hopes to remind us of the magic within our world and the hidden realms.

Abby started drawing characters, fantasy beings and super heroes at a very young age, inspired by shows and movies like Lord of the Rings, Teen Titans, X-Men, other early 2000s cartoons and anime-style art. Although she stopped painting and drawing for about five years while she pursued a career in healthcare, she eventually found her way back to her true passion of creating visual artwork and dove in with a vigor. She began to refine her style and showcase her work online and at concerts as a live painter and vendor in Salt Lake City.

The Art Process

My artistic process involves getting inspired by one specific subject - an animal or a portrait photo with lighting or an expression that intrigues me, or an idea for a character. I then build on from there. I like to work with at least 2-3 different subjects and combine them in a unique way. I always start with a sketch, either in my sketchbook or iPad to plan out the placement, flow and general details of the subjects. Then I move to painting or refining the sketch as a digital drawing. 

Questions I consider when planning and preparing a painting or drawing include - what other imagery do I want to bring into this subject to help it create a strong message or to tell a story? How can I then create harmony and balance between these subjects with placement? What color scheme will help create the mood of the story/message? How do I support the balance and flow of the piece with the color scheme?