About The Art

Abby focuses on female subjects to highlight the beauty & strength of divine femininity. She is passionate about portraying women as the strong, empowered, and divine beings they truly are.

Particularly drawn to faces, she depicts emotion using subtle facial expressions. She believes we are here on Earth to feel connected to ourselves, our emotions, and to one another.

She combines mystical themes and subjects with realism to remind us of the magic within and around us.

With her use of vibrant colors and contrasting values, her art is sure to catch your eye and help you feel truly expressed.

Meet Abby Lou

Abby is a self-taught artist who started drawing with a passion at the age of 5. She continued drawing endlessly through her young life well into high school. Attending high school in Sycamore, Illinois, Abby learned to paint and developed her composition skills. 

While demonstrating great aptitude in art and even being commissioned to paint a wall-sized mural at her high school, she clearly had a bright future as an artist, right?

Not exactly.

It was at this crossroad that many young people find themselves that Abby made the decision to put her paintbrushes down for the goal of a traditional career in the medical field with higher education. 

Abby attended Northern Illinois University where she graduated with honors with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. From there, she went on to St. Louis University where she completed a highly competitive and accelerated Master's program in Medical Dietetics.   

Abby's future once again looked extremely bright as she assumed her highly acclaimed role as a Registered Dietitian. From hospitals, to clinics, to becoming a one-on-one health coach and nutrition educator, she helped many people navigate their nutritional journeys. And after all of this, part of her still felt unfulfilled.

Throughout this time, Abby's artistic flame never went out. In fact, it burned even brighter.

As she was established in her RD career, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah, she began taking on more and more art opportunities. Finding her footing again in the art world, she began live painting at local EDM shows, collaborating with various apparel companies, and frequenting music festivals around the country such as Electric Forest, Shambhala, Desert Hearts, and Dirtybird Campout. It was at this point that Abby realized that her true calling wasn't in a healthcare clinic giving nutrition advice, but rather in front of a canvas expressing herself as her truest self, an artist.

In what may be the most profound move in her artistic life, she quit her career day job in May of 2022, opened up a business, and assumed her new role as an artist entrepreneur.

Today Abby lives her dream of creating meaningful, uplifting, and feminine art through a number of mediums such as digital drawings, acrylic paintings, and enamel pins. 

Together with her partner Gene, their two cats Koda and Nalaa, and their dog Rusko, they run Abby Lou Art and enjoy sharing Abby's beautiful art with the world!